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It Pays to have the Best!

There are so many looks we can bring an interior wall. When we paper the walls, everything is coordinated so the patterns are continuous between rolls. To the naked eye, the seams are invisible. The patterns and colors work great in the end because we aim to satisfy our customers.

Remove the Old Stuff

Removing old paper can be tricky. Old glue and paper can resist removal. Water and chemicals can damage a wall. Our professionals remove old paper with care and diligence. We don't leave any unsightly messes.


Many types are available on the market, and the difference is not only in colors and in patterns. It's made of vinyl, cloth-backed, paper-backed, textile and foil to name a few. We do everything from prepare the wall to apply the paper. Our installations are tough and exposed to use every day, and they keep their good looks. Not using a newly finished room would be like buying a present and not giving it to a recipient.

Our Services

1. Removal
2. Residential rooms
3. Business rooms
4. Wall repair: Gyp board and plaster repair of holes and cracks
5. Priming the wall

Why Wallpaper?

Just who uses this stuff anymore? Most people opt for paint, after all. It goes on faster, is simpler to apply and cleans up easier. Why bother with wallpaper? Well, it has certain intrinsic qualities that keep it around. First, it is easy to clean. Second, the patterns are attractive. And finally, it lasts much longer than paint. The number crunchers have discovered this truth, so it's less expensive than paint. That might induce you to try it.

Try our service and discover for yourself the hidden value.